third eye.png

Andy is a living work of art created by artist Andrea Picci.

Everyone is getting world-famous for fifteen minutes. Using social media and hashtags are a key point in getting attention and sharing our opinion, point of view or work with the whole world. Andy represents a need to find a balance between impersonating and depersonalization in order to find your inner self, because our generation wants sincerity and authenticity but also everything to be staged and well presented. We need to oscillate between the past and the future. We need to jump from one medium to another in order to create an entity that will represent our society and our universe. We need to be honest. The only point is making the audience react, by acting in a paradoxical way, to confuse them, by lying, by telling the truth, by helping them to find their own true self. Let them realize who they really are in order to let them help us realize what we really are.

Andy is the artist you hate. He is the artist you love. Andy is the cliché you want an artist to be, and much more.