Andy Picci
WORLD-FAMOUS copie.png

In June 2018, Andy Picci has unveiled a series of paintings by classic masters, reworked into the likeness of reality TV star (also known as the french Kim Kardashian) Nabilla Benattia.

The ambition of this approach was to place her as an idol and/or icon in the eyes of the audience, in the same way Warhol did with the Marylin Monroe paintings, or David Lachapelle did with Amanda Lepore.

Is Nabilla the victim of a media position to comment superficially on her, as if she were merely an image, rather than to focus on the substance, her personality and what she has to say?

Or, on the contrary, is it the media that are victims of a machiavelically manipulative role play orchestrated by Nabilla to enjoy what she has always admitted to seek: glory, attention, interest?

Whatever the answer, Nabilla is inspiring. She represents the woman of today, with her qualities and her faults. She's the epitome of reality TV kids we all are, and we've all been part of since the social media boom.

Acclaimed or hated she does not leave anyone indifferent: Nabilla is a muse.